At Pensacraft we believe in quality over quantity and are dedicated to providing only the highest quality products. From the scale concept model to the finished product we strive to maintain our quality standard. Every piece of wood that goes into a product is handpicked based on grain pattern, color and lumber grade. Our goal is to craft lasting beauty and quality that will endure the test of time.

Our Story

Starting with an old tilt top Delta table saw in his living room my father build his first set of cabinets and created Pensacraft in 1968. Quickly his one man cabinet shop developed into a multi man operation in a dedicated space producing high quality cabinets and built-ins for the local community.  He stayed in business until he retired in the early 90’s but still maintained his shop.

Growing up in my father’s woodshop he always had a list of projects for friends and family. I shadowed him until I was old enough to work and quickly caught his passion for building.  I continued to help my father in his shop and build a few pieces myself. In September of 2004 Hurricane Ivan hit the Gulf Coast, destroying the old shop and forcing my father to retire from woodworking.

In adulthood I settled into a 9-5 office job but grew restless and realized I wanted to pursue my passion… Woodworking. Starting much like my father and building my first piece in my living room (a coffee table), I soon moved into a garage and my project list steadily grew. With new projects came new tools and I quickly out grew the one car garage.

In late 2016 I was given the opportunity to rebuild my father’s old shop and in desperate need of a larger space I took it. With help from my friends and brothers we rebuilt the old shop. Several weekends later and a few days before we had the doors installed I set up shop and got back to work.

.... So now that you know our story go check out our portfolio and store... and maybe buy something, it'll help us keep the lights on....